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Fedvendor Help Center

Search Tip

1. Basic Search
2. Advanced Search

1. Basic Search  
  You can search for products & services, companies, and contract awards.

Here are some of the search tips for conducting a keyword search.

1. Use the most precise word that describes what you are looking for
2. If results are unsatisfactory, try reducing the number of words (i.e. use "janitorial" instead of "janitorial services").
3. Avoid using any symbols
4. Use quotation marks around phrases to get the exact matching results (e.g. "computer programming")

Once you have the search result, you can refine them by using options on the left column. There are five options for you to refine your search.

- Business Type
- Ownership
- Certifications
- Business Size
- State

These options can be used to narrow down your search results.

2. Advanced Search  
  You can use variety of information to search for what you are looking for more precisely with our advanced search option. This search option will provide much more accurate results than the basic search option, but often require detailed information on what you are looking for.

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