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About Fedvendor

Fedvendor is a leading service provider of online sourcing and marketing solutions for buyers and suppliers in the business to government market.

For government and private buyers, Fedvendor provides a "Business-to-Government" industrial search engine that enables to source the exact products and services you need quickly and easily.

For government vendors and suppliers, Fedvendor provides an essential marketing tool to promote their businesses to governments and prime contractors. You can publish a vendor profile, product catalogs, sales reference, and press releases to market their products and services to government and corporate buyers.

Fedvendor.com is located in Northern Virgnia, near Washington D.C. The company has been connecting public/private buyers and government vendors since 2000.

We are here to provide complete U.S. government vendor information and to make sure that you spend less time and money in finding the right product or service while getting the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

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