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Advertising Program

Enhanced Listing Program: Priority Listing, Bold & Color
Stand out from the crowd
Fedvendor.com offers various enhanced listing tools to help your vendor profile stand out. These are the most cost-effective way to improve your profile's visibility on the number one business-to-government search engine.

- Get listed in above of other basic company listings

- Draw attention to your listing by putting the bold effect in your business name

- Apply high-impact red color to your business name

Advertising Program: Sponsored Links
Link up with government vendors nationwide
  Sponsored Links are a great opportunity for your business to receive prominent placement on Fedvendor.com in keywords & categories of your choice. This product guarantees that you will have a presence on the first page of every search done in the categories you have chosen.

Anytime a consumer does a search in categories or keywords you have selected your message appears in a text box on the right side of the page. The entire text box is clickable so you can link to a destination page designed to close the sale.

Prominent Visibility - Sponsored Links show on every search page in the sponsored category and keywords.

Competitive Edge - Purchase now and secure your position. Companies who order after you will show up beneath your Sponsored Link.

When customers conduct a search by

Or, when customers conduct a search by


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