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Generate Sales Leads
Fedvendor Government Supply Catalog (GSC) is a powerful business-to-government online marketing tool. It can help you generate sales leads for your products and services by reaching government buyers and corporate buyers in the U.S. procurement marketplace.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Expose to government and corporate buyers
  • Market your products and services to buyers
  • Get listed as a government vendor
  • Generate qualified sales leads
  • Drive traffic to your company website
  • Manage your sales leads with advanced tools
  • Company Profile  
    Promote your business by providing your company's basic information, contact information and brief descriptions of products and services. You can also upload your company brochure and logo.  
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    Product Catalogs  
    Promote your products and services online to over 70,000 federal, state and local government and corporate buyers by posting product catalogs. Fedvendor publishes your catalogs on our website and CD-ROM to help you promote your business.  
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    Press Releases  
    Want to let buyers know of your new products and services? Publish news articles about your new product line to promote your products/services to government and corporate buyers.  
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    Company Capability  
    Promote your company by posting information about your business capabilities. Tell your potential buyers about your certifications, export experience, OEM contracts, and experience for other clients.  
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    Sales Performance  
    Show what you have accomplished. If you have won any government contracts, include them in this section.  
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    Factory Profile  
    Introduce your factory facility if you are a manufacturer. Describe the factory facility and its capability, and show buyers pictures of your factory and its environment.  
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    Qualify Control / R&D  
    Describe how your company ensures quality control. Also, introduce the present status of your company's Research & Development.  
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    Vendor Catalogs on CD-ROM  
    With your listing in the Government Supply Catalog, government and corporate buyers will have the ability to search and find your company, products and services via the web and CD. Our Fedvendor Vendor Catalogs reach an audience of more than 70,000 government and corporate buyers with a buying power estimated at $1.2 billion annually.  
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